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Website Design

Made Easy

As a business in todays market, the decision whether or not to have a website is easy - you need one.  Without a website you could be missing out on custom from people looking for the services you provide by using search engines such as Google and Bing and without your own website letting everyone you are there, chances are you will be overlooked.

BDT Systems will create a website that once complete, gives you the ability to add pages, content, images, photos at no extra charge.  All websites create by us come complete with a built in administration area putting you in control.

Our prices start from £350 and this usually covers most standard websites. With a free name for 1 year and 12 months website hosting you certainly get value for money.

We don't charge per page, or provide a template for that money, we create your website using content you provide and show you how you can continue to update your site.


Please feel free to visit some of the site that have been created and are hosted by BDT Systems.

Cat Automotive Website

Glebe Fencing Website

Mandy in Mode Website

Merry Go Round Website

CH Contracting Canada Website

Rob's Roadshow Website

Kent Road Planings Website

United Church Website

Collectable Cards Website

Manor House Build Website

Kentish Driveways Website

RP Dodds General Builders Teynham Website

Kent Motorhome Rental Website

Classic Wedding Car Hire Website

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Website Design and Hosting - FAQ's

Why Sittingbourne & Teynham?
BDT Systems can design and host your website no matter where you are but to give local businesses and home users in Sittingbourne & Teynham value for money we use Sittingbourne and Teynham to attract local search results. We can also meet up with local customers to give a one to one, face to face service. This allows the customers to see us in person instead of just a voice on the phone or text via email.

What can a website do for me?
The answer to this question is neither short nor easy. With a little research and thought you can find hundreds of reasons, but there are a few general statements that may help you realize your needs. First, a website can reach millions of people that might not otherwise be available. Second, customers can view products, services, or whatever you want to share from the comfort of their own home. No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways to grow and make money on the web for you.

BDT Systems have created website's for both private and business users both locally and across the water. If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of a website, don't worry, we can walk you through each step and make your website a success.

So, I want to establish a strong presence on the Web. But where do I start?
The four easy steps we provide below will guide you in the direction of a professionally designed, developed and marketed Web site.

Step One: Domain Name (URL) Registration
This is the address people will use to access your Web site: Once you have determined that the URL you wish to use is available, the cost to register a name is anywhere from £10.00 to £20.00 per year, sometimes two years. A domain name needs to be renewed every year/two years..

Step Two: Design of the Website
This is where the look, feel, and content of the Website are determined and created.  We work closely with our cliens every step of the way.

Step Three: Hosting Your Website on a Web Server
This is 'basically' where you rent space on a computer that is always connected to the Internet. Price will vary, depending on the type of website you will have hosted. Prices start from as little as £25.00 per year.

Step Four: Marketing Your Website
You should be thinking about the marketing of your Website as it is being designed. The content of the site needs to reflect the search terms if you want your site to appear on search engines. When we design a website we always build it with both search engines and humans in mind. Google needs to list your site, humans need to be able to read it.

All of our Web hosting packages come with ample Bandwidth and Space Allowance.  Email accounts and MySql are standard. Search engine optimization is a free service from us as we cannot guarantee result positions due to the content supplied. We can only advise on content.  Any company that tells you they can get you to the top of google might be telling a little white lie.

Want to know more?
Call us for a chat now with absolutely no obligation and no sales pressure. Located in Sittingbourne, Teynham or other local area? We can come to you or you can come to us. You choose.

One last thing:
All website's designed by BDT Systems come with a free name for one year and one years free hosting. A saving of up to £50.00.