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Computer Services

BDT Systems offer both home and businesses the same professional service your should expect. Based in Teynham, Kent we able to come to your aid usually within a just few hours to either solve or discuss your needs.

Removing Viruses/Spyware
Viruses and Spyware are getting more common and increasingly harmful everyday. They can cause serious harm to your computer and data. If you are not fully protected then they can replicate, steal personal information and infect other computers on the network. We can eliminate these inconveniences and provide you with the full protection you need.

PC Running Slow
We can speed your computer back up to it's full potential in no time at all. We will show you how to maintain a healthy computer using simple tools and methods.

Hardware Problems
We will come to you if needed and diagnose the fault. We will then discuss options and pricing to fix the problem. We charge the same price we pay for hardware. No hidden costs.

Setting Up A Home Network
More that one PC/Laptop in the house? We can set up a home network so you can do things like, surf the Internet in other rooms / print from other rooms / transfer data from one PC to another easily. Just give us as much detail as you can and we can sort out a ‘Home Plan’

Setting Up New Hardware
Do you need help setting up a new printer? Are you having issues with your new digital camera? We can help by showing you the best and most effecient way of doing those day to day tasks.

Software Issues
Are you getting unexpected errors in Microsoft Office? Any of the Adobe products? Or is it something else? We can help. Leave the error to us and we will find the solution for you.

Backup Solutions
What happens when you lose data? What happens if your data gets corrupted? With our backup solutions we can backup all your data so if anything bad does happen. We can have it all back up and running soon.

Website Design
Have a search on the internet and get an idea of the price for just a few web pages designed by someone else. Then call us and be amazed by our low realistic prices for designing and hosting your web site. We will design and create your entire web site and if needs be, will also create a full administration area for your so we do not need to be involved with any future content updates. This in the long run saves you lots of money.

Website Refresh
Is your website looking old and beaten down by your opposition? Well let us update your tired site and get you back to the top.

Website Hosting
With fast servers, unlimited bandwidth allowence and any content, BDT Systems offer unbeatable package prices to suit the needs of your website.

Email Solutions
Don't pay to much for your own name just for email. Come to us first. Our packages are hard to beat and we will setup everything required to get your email service running.


If we cannot fix your problem, we do not charge